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Understanding Your Needs Is Key

As accountants, we know that most don’t share our passion about accounting or tax. Being an entrepreneur ourself, is also why we understand :

As an entrepreneur, your priority is growing your clientèle and ensuring that your business is operating smoothly. As an individual, your priority is growing your personal wealth. Paperwork is the last thing on your mind.

Not only do we provide a variety of paperless solutions, as accredited experts in virtual financial management, you can confidently entrust us with this responsibility knowing that you’ll always be our priority. Our goal is to unbruden you so you can focus on your priorities.

Accuracy and timeliness are key in making business or financial decisions.

We’ll provide and support you with industry leading cloud technologies that can be accessed via any PC, laptop, android or IOS device. Real time accurate financial information available whenever, wherever.

Paperwork filed to the tax authorities is based on financial information. These filings must be done in a prescribed format and within the proper deadlines to avoid  penalties and interest.

We use proven and well-established procedures and tools to meet every single tax deadline.

For either a business or an individual, it can be about legitimately reducing your tax burden. Specifically for a business, it can be about market share, gross profit, EBITDA,  shareholder remuneration and more.

Our objective is to provide you with proactive forward-thinking advice to grow your bottom line.

One that is capable of supporting, advising and guiding you throughout the stages of your business. Most especially, an accountant that is motivated and passionate about helping you achieve growth and success.

The truth is that in the 21st century, it’s about more than just accounting and tax. Our professional role has evolved. Today, a CPA must be able to think outside the box and be forward-thinking. This is who we are, accountants passionate about everything we do. And, for us, every customer is unique and is treated with equal priority and importance.

Which is why we work together with you to fashion a service that’s aligned to your needs and goals.

Our Expertise


Whether its virtual financial management, payroll, management reports or Notice to Reader financial statements, together we design a service that best serves your needs that includes the latest cloud technologies.


Our tax services include tax planning, GST/QST and DAS remittances, individual and corporate tax returns and much more. We can help you legitimately plan and save on your taxes whether you’re an individual or a business.


Our goal is to support you at whatever stage you may be at : from Start Up to setting up cloud or traditional accounting solutions to everyday (or important) business or financial decisions.

With our vast business network, we offer you a one-stop shop to a variety of other  vetted professionals, entrepreneurs and merchants you may need. Check out the direcetory here.

specializing in 8 sectors

Our Business Customers

We believe the more we know about your industry, the greater the insight and practical application we can provide you to attain your financial goals.

Though we’d love to work with everyone, we profoundly believe that you are best served when we collaborate those businesses who operate in our areas of specialization. We have extensive knowledge and in depth understanding of the following areas:

Construction & Trades

Real Estate & Holdings

Restaurant, Bars & Cafés

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Food Import & Distribution

Travel & Event Planning

Professional & Consulting Services

Children's clothing Manufacturing & Retail